Welcome and Introduction to rolandlucaspt.com

This is the educational website for Roland Lucas PT.  Roland's continuing education courses aim to provide sports and orthopedic physical therapists with clinical effective manual techniques, exercises and reasoning strategies. 

Yearlong Manual therapy Course

Roland has been teaching this Maitland-based yearlong course since 2001. The course meets Tuesday nights in Redwood City, CA. It is open to Physical Therapists only. The 2018-2019 Yearlong Course is scheduled to begin August 21st through June 4th. 

ALL courses offer CEUs for Ca Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants

The Yearlong Manual Therapy Course and all weekend courses offer CEUs for California Licensed Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants. Courses are either approved or pending approval for CEUs by the California Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Yearlong Manual therapy course

FOUNDATIONal training in the art and science of orthopedic manual therapy

This Maitland based course emphasizes clinical reasoning and practical skills to help Physical Therapists become more effective in the clinic. Some of the reasons people take the yearlong course:

  1. Would like to delve deeper into the Maitland Approach
  2. Want to use Manual Therapy with more of your clients
  3. Challenge your existing paradigm to stimulate professional growth
  4. Had limited Manual Therapy training in PT school
  5. Would like to transition to Out-patient Orthopedics
  6. Would like to learn how the art and science of musculoskeletal rehabilitation interact