Research Summaries

Paul Kidger PT MSC MMACP, one of the instructors for the Yearlong Manual Therapy Course, has a special interest in the evidence underpinning orthopedic manual therapy practice. Below are links to summaries of the research on a variety of topics relevant to OMT.

Examination and Management Principles

Red Flags and Non-musculoskeletal Disease

Diagnostic Imaging

Clinical Prediction Rules


Theoretical Basis of Referred Pain

Pain Neurophysiology Education

Manual Therapy Induced Hypoalgesia

Psychological Risk Factors  and Pain

Cervical Spine

Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Motor Control in the Cervical Spine

Lower Back and Pelvis

Sacroiliac Joint Physical Examination

Leg Length Descrepancy and Lower Back Pain

Transversus Abdominus: an update


Concave-convex Rule and the Shoulder

Labral Pathology of the Hip and the Shoulder