Dear Yearlong Course Students.

Please use the following form to submit a testimonial for the yearlong course. I will place the testimonials on and may place excerpts from testimonials on brochures or emails used to market the course. Feel free to write (on not write) anything that comes to mind, but if you want a starting point you can look over other testimonials here and people often touch on a couple of these things:

  • Your background, prior knowlegde/experience
  • Why you signed up for the course
  • What you were hoping to gain from the course
  • What you actually gained from the course
  • Who you think might benefit from the course

Do not use the testimonial to submit constructive critism. You will have the opportunity to provide annonymous feedback prior to the end of the course.

Testimonial submission is optional. They are intended to help other therapists decide if the course is right for them.

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