Maitland’s Concepts

  • Video lecture on Maitland’s Concepts

Subjective Examination

Objective Examination and Movement Diagrams

  • Video lecture on how to draw movement diagrams

  • Content Validity of Comparable Sign (Relevant Finding) Concept

  • Validity of movement diagrams

  • Issues Defining and Identifying R1

ContraIndications and Precautions

  • Older video lecture on Contraindications and Precautions

  • A Discussion on Contraindications and Precautions

  • Red flags and non-musculoskeletal pain: A review by Paul Kidger


  • Video lecture on SINSS

  • Content validity of Maitland’s irritability concept

  • Irritability assessment is moderately reliable between therapists

Treatment Selection

  • Basis for spinal manipulative therapy

  • Video lectures on manual therapy treatment selection. These two videos are a little old. But they do cover Maitland’s traditional approach to articular manual therapy treatment selection.

  • Clinical Prediction Rules: A review by Paul Kidger

  • The fall of the Posture-Structural-biomechanical Model

  • Restorative Mecahnotherapy Videos

  • Management of Musculoskeletal Injury and Pain

Clinical Reasoning

  • Video lecture on Clinical Reasoning

Cervical ARtery Dysfunction and testing

  • Shoulder we abandon cervical spine manipulation for mechanical neck pain? Yes or No.

  • How risky is cervical manipulation?

  • Articles on the assessment of cervical artery dysfunction

  • Validity of VBI testing

  • Veterbrobasiliar Insufficiency testing by Paul Kidger

  • Indications for cervical artery testing

Upper cervical INSTABILITY and stability testing

  • Upper cervical instability key articles

  • Upper cervical stability test nomenclature

  • Indications for upper cervical stability testing

Knee special tests

  • Are meniscal tests of the knee necessary?

  • Validity of meniscal tests

Shoulder instability

  • Shoulder instability concepts

  • Diagnostic accuracy of shoulder stability

  • Anterior drawer testing

  • Posterior instability testing

  • Multidirectional instability: does it exist?


  • Video lecture on neurodynamics

  • Evidence supporting neurodynamic mobilization\

  • Neurodynamics: clinical relevance